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Summary: LED lamp, sensor lamp Main function:
1.Induction Angle: about 120°, induction distance > 3.5 M.
2.According to the environment and dark cycles to adjust the lamp open and shut. 3.Light time has four models: 20S, 60S, 90S and light all the time.
4.Use six brightness illumination LED, life is more than 80,000 hours, effective lighting area: > 3 square metre lighting.
5. Use 4PCS high-energy AAA (7) alkaline battery,also can use rechargeable batteries, (do not use poor quality or metamorphic battery). Battery life: power of 4 PCS AAA alkaline battery is 2600mah , if use 20S delay, estimates an average daily use of 0.2 hours, total sustainable use 2 ~ 3 months. Standby for the longest can reach 5 months.Light all the time can reach 36 hours.
6.The machine has booster and stabilizing function, extra-low voltage battery.
7.Low voltage warning: LED light up as red it warns that the battery is of low voltage , please replace the battery.
8 3V power, and normal working current is less than 65 Ma, standby static electricity than 0.35 Ma.
9.The user can adjust the lamp light and dark.
10.The lights have three ways of fixed bases:
(1)using screws (buy separately),
(2)using powerful magnets(can move to absorb ),
(3) powerful double-sided adhesive (buy separately), for user easy installation.

Application examples:
1. Use in bedroom,no need to turn off the headlight. When you up in the midnight,it light,convenient save electricity!
2.Installed in bathroom,no need to switch the headlight frequently, it light when you go into and shut automatically when you leave, save electricity.
3.No electricity, with it, cooking and eating are as usual.
4 Good partner to students, no electricity,no delay of learningn,indormitoryit light when you up in the midnight won't affect others.
5.Friends party, outdoor activities and party's good helper. Lightweight, small is the ideal auxiliary light source.
6.Magnetic base, magnet in the fridge, wash machine, steel doors, even in the car.
7. Can be installed in the aisle, corridor, stair, basement without 220V electric wire. 8. Can be installed in the factory, warehouse or the place can't use 220V voltage, low security assured &effort.


Product Color: black, white and other
Material:housing ABS lampshade PC
Packing :boxes, plastic and other
 Induction method: PIR motion sensor + light sensor
Angle sensor : about 120°
Battery: 4xAAAbattery(without)
Sensing distance : 0-5M
Operating temperature:-5℃~38℃
Sensing time : 20,60,90S and light all the time
spec: φ85XT50MM
Luminous Flux (lm):<0-30 lm
Accessories :double-sided gum, screw




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