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RYGB LED Neon Strip

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RYGB LED Neon Strip Description

RGB LED NEON FLEX is a flexiable, multi-color changeable LED NEON FLEX. It use the basic Red, Green, Blue to composite the standard color Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Purple and White or any color if you want.


Features and benefits
1. LED Neon Flex is extremely energy efficient up to 90% more efficient than traditional glass neon
2. IP 68 Rating - When installed to manufacturer’s specification.
3. Extremely durable almost...unbreakable see our videos above ;
4. Long Life >50 000 hrs ;
5. High degree of flexibility making it simple and effective to use ;
6. No mercury pollution, 100% recyclable
7. Low heat emission, dramatically reducing fire risk from glass neon ;
8. High brightness from High Power LEDs ;
9. Versatile, uses are only limited by the imagination
24v:Suitable for DIY installation, Shorter running lengths,Shorter cutting lengths
240v: Licensed electrician needed, Suitable for long running distances. Longer cutting units
Milky White Jacket - When Neon Flex is turned off no colour is visible
Colour Jacket - When Neon Flex is turned off colour is still apparent


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