Let Everywhere,
                Be Firsten LED Light!

FirstenLED ntroduced reflective 4*1W LED MR16

FirstenLED 4*1W MR16 has special designed reflectors with efficient focusing properties and extremely tight beam angles of 30°/45°/60° for high center beam luminance of at least 1700lux. The concept of reflective MR16 is from automotive headlamp. FirstenLED mr16 led spot uses 4pcs 1W LED, which is mounted on the back of the heat dissipation bar and emit toward the reflector.

The reflector is well designed so that the light pattern is smooth and even and will not be covered by the dissipation bar in the front. FirstenLED mr16 led spot performs as well as the halogen equivalents, at the same time, achieves higher energy saving. 

Compared with conventional MR16 or spot lights, FirstenLED mr16 led spot is lighter and uniquely designed. FirstenLED mr16 led spot is protected by Japanese, European and American patents. Available in lens-covered and non-covered. The second generation will be coming in July 2011.