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Will custom inspect our goods before shipping out?

Whatever import or export,Custom can reserve the right to inspect the goods before shipping out. The inspection is random and occasional. They are very rare to happen. Even if both of sides dont expect this inspection, once it happens, we have to deal with.
• For the goods inspected in our custom, if the price term is EXW, FirstenLED won't afford the inspection charge.
• If our price term is FOB,You will not pay for this charge, FirstenLED will take this bill Unless the exceptions that inspection caused by customers reason such as logo , lable or special package requirements. For example, some customers want us to identify famous brands on goods which we call replicas, once our custom inspect the replicas, they can reserve the right to detain. Any charge or loss caused by this situation, FirstenLED won't afford this loss. However FirstenLED will endeavor to retrieve loss standing by customer.
• If the goods are inspected in your custom, FirstenLED will not afford any charge or less from your custom. For further discussion, please contact our staff directly.