Let Everywhere,
                Be Firsten LED Light!

Why use LED lighting?

Why use LED lighting?


LED light bulbs can last from 2 to 10 times that of a traditional lightbulb. That means there will be fewer light bulbs in land fills. With over 5,000,000 light bulbs thrown away each DAY, that would amount to a hugh savings in toxic waste and land fill.

Florescent lamps use mercury. So over 40% of the light bulbs in America place mercury in our atmosphere and land fills when not disposed of properly. Mercury causes considerable damage to the life on this planet, including humans. To see the contribution florescent lamps make to mercury poisoning see the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry and Toxicological profile for mercury: Center for Disease Control.

Trends and lifestyle demands are indicating that over the coming years Solid State Lighting (LEDs) will drastically change the energy consumption patterns of the world as well. Consequently, there is a phenomenal amount of resources being devoted to improving LED technology worldwide. This is really good for you and me and helps our planet too.


Benefits of LEDs

Less expensive to power

1.Lasts longer: extremely long life span (30,000-100,000 hours)

2.Durable, insensitive to vibration

3.No mercury: unlike florescent bulbs and tubes

4.Dimmable and programmable, in many cases

5.Super-fast turn-on, unlike compact fluorescents

6.Lightweight and compact

7.Directed light is more efficient use of light

8.Color, without the use of filters and lenses




LEDs are already used as the best light source for traffic signals, vehicular tail lights, emergency lighting and flashlights.


We are providing LEDs for almost any home or commercial use. Increasingly, they are a desirable choice for use in accent, task, landscape, portable and even area lighting. LEDs let you do things you just cant do effectively with other lighting sources, especially due to LEDs low rate of power consumption. For example, imagine powering a string of lights ½ mile long from a single electrical socket. You can, with a commercial line of LED Christmas lights! With LEDs you can use more light than ever before and still save money. Additionally, they are so long lasting that you can use them in complicated design installations without worrying about frequent and costly bulb replacements. LEDs have been used to create the most innovative lighting for stage shows, restaurant and hotel interiors, building exteriors and bridges.

We hope this information is helpful to you and inspires you to use energy efficient LED light bulbs for all your lighting needs.