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Philips Receives Seven Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards.

Philips Receives Seven Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards.

Philips Lighting has won a total of seven Product Innovation Awards (PIA) from Architectural SSL Magazine. Products by Philips Lightolier, Philips Roadway Lighting, Philips Hadco and Philips Lumileds were recognized.

Lytespan products from Philips Lightolier received awards in the track lighting category. The Lytespan Mini LED Micro Cylinder is an exceptionally small 10-watt fixture with superior beam and glare control while the 15-watt Lytespan Spot LED delivers powerful accent lighting using only 15 watts of power. The 15-watt Lytespan also received a special citation award for Standout Advancement in Technology, continuing a rich history of innovation in this category for Lightolier. Moreover, it garnered praise from one judge for being “a good-looking and excellent performing accent light that will make a great replacement for 50- to 75-watt halogen products. This is the best application for a track LED fixture I have seen; [it has] great overall simple design. It speaks softly, but carries a nice size stick.”

In the area lighting category, the new RoadView G4 LED luminaire from Philips Roadway Lighting and the RX4 LEDGINE from Philips Hadco earned awards. The RoadView luminaire features an expandable design with anywhere from 32 to 160 LEDs, giving customers the ability to achieve the right light level for all applications. The RX4 LEDGINE is designed as an HID-replacement option in suburban street-lighting applications. Both outdoor luminaires benefit from the modular approach of the LEDGINE platform and best-of-breed Philips technologies such as Philips Xitanium drivers and LUXEON LEDs.

For a second year in a row, Philips Lumileds received awards for its LUXEON A and LUXEON S LEDs in the arrays/light sources category.LUXEON A LEDs are hot-tested and specified under real-world operating conditions, have a 85 degree C junction temperature, and deliver ”Freedom from Binning” initially with a 2,700K or 3,000K CCT. LUXEON S is a single LED cabinet light package that rivals CDM and halogen solutions for spot applications in hospitality and retail lighting. Both LED solutions feature emitters with light output that falls within a single, three-step MacAdam ellipse centered on the black body curve.

It’s said that Architectural SSL Magazine’s Product Innovation Awards recognize the most innovative LED/solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market, as well as the companies behind the components that make up these light sources.