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Orb Optronix Opens the First EPA Recognized

Orb Optronix, Inc. is the first EPA recognized, U.S. laboratory to provide independent, third party evaluation of the lumen maintenance characteristics of LED light sources for ENERGY STAR, utilities and government agencies, improving credibility and speed to market for LED manufacturers and lighting companies.

We have a new model par20 led lamps.LED manufacturers are choosing to outsource LM-80 measurement services for a variety of reasons. These companies desire to have their devices tested independently for market acceptance and competitive advantage.  Others are completing LM-80 measurements in-house and wish to have their results correlated to an independent third-party and increase capacity and credibility par20 led lamp .  Many non-U.S. LED manufacturers have collected reliability data not in accordance with LM-80 and need to act quickly to meet the ENERGY STAR required lumen maintenance test method.
Orb Optronix provides LM-80 testing services, measuring populations of LEDs over their early lifetime.  par20 led lamp Data gathered includes luminous flux, color, dominant wavelength, chromaticity and correlated color temperature (CCT) controlled to a variety of currents and LED case temperatures.  A typical LM-80 evaluation consists of measuring 25 or more devices at each of three temperatures for a minimum of 6000 hours measured at least every 1000 hours.  par20 led lamp The resulting data set and reports are ready for submission to ENERGY STAR and other agencies.
Most LED-based lighting products claim to last approximately 30,000 to 60,000 working hours and carry great promise in terms of energy efficiency and reduced need for replacement.  To fulfill that promise it is imperative that manufacturers have their luminaire designs and LEDs fully evaluated for performance.  par20 led lamp Orb Optronix is currently providing the IES Approved Method for Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources to several emerging and major LED manufacturers worldwide.

About Orb Optronix
Orb Optronix  provides test and measurement services, engineering services and test and measurement products to the LED and Solid State Lighting industries.par20 led lamp