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LED Bi-Pin Bulb, replaces G24 Horizontal Light imp

LED PLC Down light improvement

I would like to tell you as follows: our LED PLC Down light has improved every month.

Please check the following photoes:


last year,dated  2009/12/05, we made our G24 LED light with our own design,

1.But the lamp base could not turnable, so it has something need to be changed

2. and the arrangement of these SMD5050 LED is not that good, on the top of this 7W G24 has a hole inside the aluminum PCB


Step 2

: so we try to make some changed, on 2010/03/14, we make a new turnable lamp base as follows:

1. The lamp base could be turnable

2. also we made a new model G23 LED PL light and E27 LED PL light



Step 3: 

 This month we also made some changes:

1. power: we have four models now: 7W,9W,11W,13W.  We believe we could meet all our customer's request

2. about arrangement of led , we improved, the past months, we use 5 rows led, now we use 4 rows, the first advantage is  it makes the lamp looked better and with a good heat dissapation

3. We are improving Every month

G24 LED Lamp,LED PLC Light,G24 LED Light Bulb


LED Bi-Pin Bulb, replaces G24 Horizontal Light


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