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How to Pay?

Pay us through simple way:
1. For large order,we recommend payment by Bank T/T transfer.
2. For sample order (1-100PCS),we prefer to pay us by Western Union; Western Union is convenient and available for every country, you can send money by it with low bank commission.
We will begin processing your order when payment is received. When processing begins you will receive another email notification.
You will receive a further email notifying you when your goods have been dispatched, including a tracking number.
Guide 1:
Bank T/T transfer:
TT payment is called telegraphic transfer or wire /swift transfer which is cheap and fastest legal way of remitting money over seas through any bank. Buyer just need a banking details including: Bank name, Bank address, SWIFT, Beneficiary, and Account No. before transfer.
We prefer T/T bank transfer due to the fast transfer time and low bank commission.
PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. PayPal serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders.
A PayPal account can be funded with an electronic debit from a bank account or by a credit card. The recipient of a PayPal transfer can either request a check from PayPal, establish their own PayPal deposit account or request a transfer to their bank account. PayPal is an example of a payment intermediary service that facilitates worldwide e-commerce.
Paypal offers a secure method to send money from your credit card without telling online shops your credit card numbers. You choose which method to use on the second-to-last screen of the online checkout process, and this screen gives you instructions how to make the payment.