Let Everywhere,
                Be Firsten LED Light!

Gu10 led light from FirstenLED

A perfect indoor lighting solution found in these upgraded energy saving bulbs
The LED light manufacturer FirstenLED, launches its newly upgraded LED Spotlight Series F-X-SL10-GU10 4*1W Gu10 led light today, a perfect indoor solution for ornamental decoration, shop window lighting and spotlighting. This improved LED GU10 Series uses high efficacy LEDs at a very economical power consumption level of 4.8 watts. A LED driver with above 80% power conversion efficiency  is built in, enabling these bulbs to replace traditional GU10 halogen lamps while providing significant power saving. FirstenLED is no doubt at the forefront when it comes to supplying clean, green LED technology.

The new LED Gu10 led light series is much more enhanced than current Gu10 led light models available in markets today. Measuring 50x65mm in dimension and 86g in weight, the upgraded FirstenLED LED Sirius MR16 light bulbs with 5W power consumption come in two models for warm-white and cool-white emitting colors. Both have a beam angle of 50°, and can be used on the standard GU10 socket with a 220V AC input to conveniently replace traditional Gu10 light halogen lamps. The new Gu10 led light Series LED bulbs are rated at a 30,000hrs lifetime and come with 2 years warranty.