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Firstenled releases 5W LED global bulbs delivering up to 350 lumens

Firstenled unveils their new 5W led bulb lamp recently. As one of the biggest Chinese LED Lighting Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters, Firstenled always insists on supplying LED Lighting products with best design and quality at the lowest price to the market, now let us have a look at the unique edges of the new LED global bulbs.

5W LED bulb with 1W High Power LEDs consumes only 10 percent energy as conventional bulb to give the same light intensity. With quality LEDs as the light source, this LED global bulb consumes only 5 watts to deliver the same light output as a 60 watt incandescent bulb, which means you can save over 80% energy bills by switching incandescent to LED. 35,000 hours long lifespan can also greatly reduce your maintenance and retrofit costs. Made with eco-friendly materials, this LED bulb will not cause any environment pollution and does no harm to human body. 180 degree wide lighting beam enables this LED global bulb to illuminate a larger space than common LED bulbs. LED light bulbs are safer and more economical than halogen bulbs, with long-lasting durability, lower power consumption and money saving capability.

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