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FirstenLED introduces 3w led bulb

Lamp Introduction:

3w led bulb high-quality lighting requirements, color temperature :2500-3200K ,2700 --- 6000K available.

Optical efficiency: single LED light efficiency can reach 110 lm / w, full lighting effects can reach 70 lm / w or more.

Soft light effect: Our own researched and developed 3w led bulb LED light, the LED emit are very close to natural light, soft and even.
Power: Use self-designed constant-current power supply, short circuit, open circuit, over temperature protection, long life, high stability.

Safety and Environmental Protection: Use aluminum and PMMA plastic components, recyclable utilization is of 98.5%, exclude mercury and other harmful elements, Does not contain infrared, ultraviolet, no flash, eye protection, hard to make eye fatigue, no noise, ensure the use of comfort and security. 

Energy saving: 50% energy saving than traditional fluorescent lamp, 85% than incandescent bulbs, can be interchangeable with ordinary incandescent bulbs, in the same light intensity, 3W LED bulb is equivalent to conventional 25W incandescent.
Base available: E27、E26、MR16、GU10、B22.
Light colors: red, yellow, blue, white, warm white.
LED Bulb Applications: hotels, offices, homes, shopping malls, and other indoor places, good to replace the traditional incandescent and fluorescent energy-saving lamps.

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