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FirstenLED Introduces Its New High Bay LED Lighting Product

FirstenLED has added the new high lumen output 125 Watt high bay LED fixture ICE PIPE to their avant-garde product line of commercial and industrial LED Lighting solutions.

The company said that the new low cost ICE PIPE is designed to replace conventional 250 to 400 Watt metal halide lighting fixtures, provide a superior light output and consume 70-80% less electricity.

The ICE PIPE technology ingeniously utilizes fluid dynamics in the creation of a revolutionary heat release system that deploys thin and durable capillary pipes to extract heat from the system instead of bulky aluminum or other alloy based heat syncs.

This stand-alone system reduces the weight of the fixture by up to 75%, releases heat 100 times faster than standard copper heat syncs and allows FirstenLED to offer the world's first environmentally friendly mercury free 500 Watt LED light with a recorded junction temperature of 53 degrees Celsius!