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Caution for LED Operation

Caution for operation
Indoor decoration: Owing to no exposure to the wind and rain, it is easy to install the LED strip when using it as indoor decoration lighting. Let??s take LED strip of Betop??s for example, you just need to shuck off the 3M adhesive tape back of the strips, paste it in the place in demand and finally smooth it out. However, what can you do if coming across the corner or the strip is too long to decorate while installing? The answer is simple. Every 3 LEDs, which is connected as one part in the way of paralleled-to-serial connection, can be cut and used alone.

Outdoor decoration:

If only using the 3M adhesive tape to fix the strip outdoor, the tape will lose glutinosity and the strip will fall off as a result of long-term outdoor exposure. Hence, it needs some extra fixture slots and some essential waterproof glue to fix the junctures of the strip which will be fixed more firmly.
The connection of adapter: The operating voltage of LED strip is DC 12V, so that the adapter is necessary to supply power. The size of adapter depends on the power and length of LED strip. If you don??t like that one adapter controls one strip only, you can use a bigger switching adapter as the main adapter which is paralleled connected with all the LED strips. The power is supplied by the switching adapter. It is good to control synchronously, but it is inconvenient to achieve the luminous effect and on-off control of single strip light. It is up to you that which way of connection is adopted. Important attentions:
      Don??t light the strip with AC 220V.
      Make sure that Anode and Cathode have no faulty connection.
      Please wear the electrostatic ring while operating.
The connection of controller:

Lighting controller is needed for achieving the luminous effect of LED horse racing strip and digital RGB LED strip. Different controllers have different controlling distances. Generally, the controlling distance of facility controller is 10-15 meters, and that of remote controller is 15-20 meters, the furthest is 30 meters. If the connected distance of strip is too long to control, you can adopt the power amplifier to connect the strip.
Pay attention to the connected distance of LED strip:

Generally speaking, the furthest connected distance of 3528 series LED strip is 20 meters, and that of 5050 series is 15 meters. In case it exceeds, the strip will generate heat easily and the lifespan will be shortened. Therefore, it is indispensable to install the strips as per the designated instruction so as to make it not operate at an overload.
Principles should be followed when purchasing LED strips:
There are a lot of led strips required by our customers which are not our normal types and need to be customized. But it often occurs that lacking knowledge of the technical parameters leads to the failure of requirements non-comply with the technical practice. Even if the products have been carried out, the working efficacy would be affected. Here discussed is the 3 principles should be followed when having the led strips custom-made for sourcing fellows?? reference??
1. The circuit design:
The led strip circuits include series circuit, parallel circuit and series-parallel circuit. 
The advantage for series circuit is current being constant, which makes it easier to control the Led??s drive current. Disadvantage is if one of the LED goes badly the rest will not shine, however, the life span would not affected.
The advantage for parallel circuit is if one of the LED goes badly, the rest would not be affected. The disadvantage is if there is no current limiting resistance in the circuit, in case of any of led goes badly, the current on other LEDS will rise up and destroy them. What's more, because single LED's drive voltage is very low, which will cause a waste of resource due to the fact that large parts of voltage does not work.
Series-parallel circuit is presently commonly used one. Because the approach of arranging several leds as a series circuit and then paralleling with others can improve the voltage??s utilization rate as well as reducing the idle work.

There are also two more benefits:
      1. Arranging several LEDs as a series circuit can make sure the conformity of drive current for every leds in the circuit, and can help with current being constant to assure the led??s lifespan.
      2. Paralleling these series circuits can avoid the series circuits can not working if any of the other series circuit has been destroyed. Meanwhile, thanks to the current limit resistance in every circuit, it would not affect other series circuit??s lifespan.
2. LEDs amount per meter:
Commonly, the amount of leds per meter is fixed. For instance, the amount for 1210 LED strip per meter is 60 leds, 5050 led strip is 30leds and 60 leds for special design. If there are such special requirements
as 50leds per meter, it needs to modify the circuit design. As we have mentioned, every 3 leds can be arranged as a team, if there are 50 leds per meter, there would inevitably be a team of 2 leds. While, if every 2 leds are arranged as a team, it will boost the current limiting resistance resulting in wasting of resources. So, when we facing the special requirements for strip design, great attention should be paid that the amount led can be timed by 3 so as not to waste the voltage resources.
3.The cutting position: Generally speaking, the strip can be cut by every team of 3 leds. Sometimes, instead of that, the customer requires a team of 1 LED. This is also improper because in this way the whole circuit is a parallel circuit, which can not assure the strip??s life span.