Let Everywhere,
                Be Firsten LED Light!

Are You Ready to Turn off Your Light for Earth Hour

As Earth Hour is dawning near, are you ready to turn off your light to join the movement?
Earth Hour is a global event led by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to raise awareness about climate change by asking the world to turn off the lights for one hour. It takes place on the last Saturday in Every March at 8:30 p.m.

During the event, famous buildings G4 LED and landmarks around the world will go dark. And millions of people across the world are expected to switch off their lights.

However, aside from switching off for Earth Hour just for the night, we can take some measures for the long run. It is estimated lighting accounts for roughly 19 per cent of energy used globally, and some industry players say consumers and companies can bring that number down substantially by using energy efficient lighting solutions such as LEDs.

As a result, it appears more companies worldwide are switching to LED on a permanent basis. As lighting provider Philips said sales of "green lighting" now account for 60 percent of turnover.

Asia Commercial Lighting Royal Philips senior vice-president and general manager Olivier Piccolin said: "For sure, yes, we are targeting to see towards 100 per cent of our lighting sales to be energy efficient.”We see also, the sales of LED Cabinet light increasing in a spectacular way -- and we see by 2015 about 45 to 50 per cent of the market will be LED (globally)."

Gradually, as eco-friendly lighting source, LEDs will take place of the traditional light, and make contributions for the environment.

In a word, Earth Hour is not just anniversary that make people remind of the crisis of climate change, we should put this awareness into practice in every moment such as phasing out the ineffective lightings and adopt eco-friendly LED lights. The more green actions we take, the less energy we consume, so that we can create a more sustainable planet.