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Can I return products if I am not satisfied?

• All our products come with a 12 month or a 24 months warranty.
• This means if there is a quality defect that causes the device to be unacceptable for sale or unusable during the a 12 month or 24 months after dispatch from our warehouse, we will accept a return and either repair the item, replace the item with an identical new item, replace the item with an equivalent item that you accept, or offer credit or a refund.
• If you experience any problem with a product bought from us, contact us first and we will do our best to advise you.
• Any returns must be discussed with FirstenLED Customer Support in advance, and authorized so they are sent with the correct paperwork. If you don't discuss any return with us iin advance, once you release the return to us by self-determination, we wont accept the returns informed by you.
• All returned products must be sent together with the original packaging and accessories unless an exception is agreed in advance.
• In the event of any returned goods where you are requesting a repair / replacement / refund under the warranty, your shipping costs returning the products to the FirstenLED warehouse in China are payable by you, and cannot be compensated by us.
• Physical damage to a product caused by the user invalidates the warranty. Opening products up, e.g. to repair or modify components, invalidates the warranty.