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                Be Firsten LED Light!

Shipping To Russia Or Brazil? Use EMS or Airmail!

When you start an order to our company,Especially,you are from Russia or
Brazil,Then you should choose EMS for easy custom clearance.
 EMS is an express air mail service set up in 1980 by the China Courier Service Corporation (CCSC). A state owned enterprise owned completely by the CCP.
As a result of the unique circumstances that EMS operates in (half fastpost
service, half courier service) it tends to be a little faster than airmail.
It is also more likely to enjoy the preferential treatment customs officials
show to airmail packages.
It also has a higher level of trackabillity than airmail.
Yes EMS is sometimes more expensive than couriers when considering that it is a little slower but what you lose in one area you get back in another and you are more likely to get your package to your customer unscathed without a lot of red tape to weigh it down.
In most cases it is treated as airmail for bigger packages.
As a result, the average package shipped by EMS will possibly:
  1.Be shipped within seven to 10 days
  2.Be tracked from the EMS website.
  3.Be insured by EMS as well as being covered by FirstenLED
  4.Be the smoothest way for Customs clearance
  5.Be delivered to almost every country.